The Chakras are energy systems in our body that influence different mindsets, emotions & characteristics that guide us to our full potential. Harnessing these energies into our business create massive shifts for growth & expansion.

Chakras in need of some TLC? Business needing a little guidance? I got you. During our session, I will go over each Chakra & see how that energy is affecting your business. You will receive strategic, energetic & practical steps to create more success in each Chakra so it can work to elevate your business. At the end, we will create an aligned roadmap to help you bring your vision into reality. Let's do this!

Chakra Reading


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Details on each Chakra, a reading on which Chakras are balanced & unbalanced, business guidance + planning & your roadmap to business success.

What's included?

Select a time that works best for you. We will meet via Zoom & begin our session together. It is as simple as that!

How It Works

My sessions are geared towards spiritual leaders, ambitious entrepreneurs & holistic wellness practitioners wanting to make a greater impact with their work. I believe by expanding our light through our business can touch more people & ultimately spread more love + light to other's.

Who's It For

A Chakra is an energy cluster that begins at the base of the spine & up to the top of the head. These energy points correlate to various parts of the body & have attached emotions & characteristics. When the Chakras are running smoothly, we feel full of vitality. If a Chakra is blocked, it can cause emotional & bodily challenges that can manifest into the persons world around them (AKA your business. It is for our best interest to keep the Chakras balanced as it will allow us to live a more balanced life.

What is a Chakra