chakra reading + 1 week coaching

Learn about the power of your own energy through working with your Chakras.

Get crystal clear on what's been holding you back so you can transform your energy & design the life of your dreams. We'll get clear on your blocks & strategize practical x spiritual ways to create ultimate alignment in your life that's personalized to you & your lifestyle & what YOUR desired results are. We'll set up a Zoom call where you'll answer a questionnaire before your Chakra Reading then I'll create your roadmap to alignment detailed PDF. I'll also be guiding you for one full week where we'll dedicate each day to a Chakra & corresponding block/result. This is a jam packed week full of valuable information & transformative tools!

Overcome your Blocks, up-level your life


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A questionnaire to address your Chakras, a recorded Zoom call to identify your blocks where we'll also do a detailed Chakra Reading, an in depth Roadmap to Alignment PDF to have & refer back to, & my 7 day support via Voxer where I'll give you extra guidance, attention, tools & coaching in this time.

What's included?

Select a time convenient for you to do our Chakra Reading session, here you will also want to take a couple of minutes to answer a short questionnaire & secure your session. You will receive an email with the details to our Zoom meeting. Our session will take about an hour all together. I will need a few days to detail your personalized Roadmap to Alignment PDF Workbook & we will arrange Voxer support for further coaching through out our week together. Voxer is great for extra coaching, support, sharing wins & strategizing to move forward. 

How It Works

This is for anyone wanting to gain more knowledge on their Chakras- what's been holding you back, how to navigate through these blockages & find ways that work for you both spiritual x practical to create your desired results to live your dream life! Everyone could use an energetic reset & could greatly benefit from this short yet powerful week together. 

Who's It For

A card variation is your card spread options. Some common variations are:
vision, challenge, advice
past, present, future
situation, action, outcome
option 1, 2, &3
mind, body, spirit
As you can see, the options are endless so feel free to get creative!

Card Variations