Let me guess...

+ You're a Spiritual being with a deep love for wellness & mindset
+ You are a Modern Mystic with big dreams
+ You believe in the power of energetics & manifestation
+ You're a visionary who believes she is worthy of MORE
+ You are on a Spiritual journey of abundance & designing the lifestyle of your dreams

Babe, does this sound familiar?

You wake up feeling unmotivated & uncertain about how to move closer to your dreams. You battle with anxiety that makes you feel stuck & keeps you playing small. You want to create shifts closer to the lifestyle you want but it feels so out of reach that you don't know where to even begin. You feel disconnected to your passions in life that you have no drive & no outlet to explore what lights you the fuck up. These feelings might be growing into you not feeling good enough & like you can't live up to your highest potential. BELIEVE ME, I was there, too. It wasn't until I took a yoga class that I learned about Chakra balancing & how harnessing these Chakra energies could help me attract my dream lifestyle! Now I'm grounded, I have a strong sense of self worth, I feel connected to my purpose & I manifest my desires with EASE!

What would your life be like if you did the Chakra work to attract your dream Life Style?

Think about what you could shift if you had the exact blueprint you need to design the 2021 you want. Ask yourself right now...

What would happen if I could release what's holding me back?
If I had clear & direct guidance to propel myself forward?
If I had the support I need to create transformation from the inside out- what would I be able to call in & attract?

Chakra work has the power to create success & overall wellbeing! We are energetic & Spiritual beings here to have a human experience- to learn, to find our purpose, to experience life, to create with the Universe & so much more. Knowing the exact tools & techniques to work with each Chakra allows you to channel your own Chakra energy, helping you attract your desires & the Life Style you want!

Imagine all the possibilities...

How would your life change by overcoming these blocks in your life? Living a soulful life is at the tips of your fingertips! You just have to make the decision to show up for yourself, for the Universe, & for this new level of existence by working with your own Chakra Energy. I know you desire an elevated & high vibrational life full of balance, purpose & so much more, because I have been there too & believe me, I know what it takes to get you to the next level. It takes commitment but when you make the decision to do the work- that's when the magic happens! When you raise your energy, you can meet the vibrational match of your deepest desire, becoming a manifestation queen! Don't wait any longer for this opportunity of transformation to happen. Make the decision to yourself right now that you deserve the 2021 you want!

When your Chakras are out of balance

- You have trouble with money management, have a lack mindset & feel stress & anxiety often

- You struggle with self worth, creativity & passions in life

- You have poor motivation, low self confidence, no self will or purpose in life

- No sense of self love,  feeling out of balance in life, struggle with masculine vs feminine energy

- Not living in your authenticity, not feeling heard or like you can't speak your truth or poor communication

- You have unclear thoughts, you're disconnected to your intuition, scatter minded, not being able to visualize your future

-Feeling  disconnected to a Higher Power, your Spiritual connection & an inability to Manifest 

"You can't create a massive transformation in your comfort zone...it takes massive courage."

take the risk

You want real, actual results.

You want results you can see & feel. Results that are life-changing & sustainable. I hear you loud & clear! My specific methods have resulted in major shifts in my own life, as well as my clients. I want you to establish a connection to your own Chakras so you can do the same! When you do the Chakra work, you can expect major up-levels, shifts, & growth!

Results from Chakra work

+ Feeling safe, secure, grounded & having an abundant mindset 

+ Having a strong self worth, feeling connected to that Inner Goddess, creative & in flow

+ Having motivation & will power to go after your dreams, having a purpose in life

+ Having a balanced lifestyle, feeling connected to love, empathy, compassion for self & other's

+ Living your life in your full authenticity, knowing your words have power, freely speak your truth & communicate well

+ Let your intuition guide you, have self trust & inner guidance

+ Feel supported by a Higher power & Manifest your desires with ease

Hi, I'm Lisa Caffey

I'm a Certified Mindset Coach & Holy Fire Reiki Master + healer who loves helping women like you, create massive shifts in life x business through Mindset, Wellness & Spirituality. 

Hey babe! Thank you for being here. Growing up, I had a lot of struggles & anxiety. I didn't know how to navigate my emotions & I felt constantly overwhelmed. It wasn't until I took a Yoga class thats things drastically changed for the better. I began to feel a complete transformation in my life. From there, I've studied many avenues of well-being including NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Chakras & more. 

It is my mission to help women create massive shifts in their lives to achieve a successful + blissful lifestyle x business.  I want to walk you through step by step on how to make these up-leveling shifts feel effortless, easy & natural.  Let's elevate your energy!!

xx Lisa


your #1 resource for Chakra balancing + coaching program to unlock your cosmic Chakra potential.
Say hello to your dream life style!




Master Your Energy is an 8 week journey of designing your dream life style through working with your own Chakra Energy

This is an immersive x expansive group coaching program where we will journey through the power of Chakras to harness your own Chakra Energy so you can step into your highest potential x manifest the life style you want! We are energetic beings & learning to work with our own energies creates EPIC results! In my 8 week program you will learn what each Chakra governs, how to release any blocks holding you back & learn how to get the desired results you want using your own energy!

Here's the breakdown...

Week 1: Welcome Week
This week is all about getting familiar with your Chakra energies, learning which of your Chakras is balanced/unbalanced through a Chakra Body Scan Meditation & you'll get clear on what your desired results are for EACH Chakra.

Week 2: The Root Chakra
Here we'll focus on any Root blocks you might have, how to release them & all you'll learn all about ABUNDANCE,  having an abundant mindset & rewriting your money story + getting into the energy of money

Week 3: The Sacral Chakra
This week's training is embodying your Inner Goddess & building an unshakable sense of self worth

Week 4: The Solar Plexus
In this week,  you'll learn about how to step into a more MOTIVATED  version of yourself & explore your soul purpose

Week 5: The Heart Chakra
Here, you'll learn about how to create more BALANCE  in all areas of your life. See where exactly you spend most of your energy & where you can create more balance

Week 6: The Throat Chakra
We'll get into the details of the Throat Chakra. This week's training is about stepping into your authentic self through self talk

Week 7: The Third Eye Chakra
Here you'll map out & visualizing your dream life style!

Week 8: The Crown Chakra
This week you'll learn my specific Manifestation method & learn how to get into the flow of Manifestation so you can Manifest with ease

What's Included...

Each week includes: A LIVE Chakra Training via Zoom where you'll learn balanced/unbalanced characteristics, all the magic on that Chakra & the specific training for that Chakra, a beautiful x detailed Chakra workbook full of self discovery questions, strategy, worksheets & more, & a Chakra meditation activation to help connect with that Chakra on a deeper level

This can be YOU

"I'm grounded, stress free & connected to major abundance!"

"I'm worthy of it all!"

"I am a driven woman & confidently go after my dreams!"

"My life is of complete balance, I feel so at peace!"

"I live as my most authentic self & express my self whole heartily!"

"I have full clarity of my life, I feel deeply connected to who I am & where I'm headed!"

"I'm divinely rooted in my Spiritual Connection & feel I can easily call in my desires!"

My                            Chakra Methodology

In this program you'll learn my specific process of harnessing Chakra Energy to create LASTING results! I believe Energetic Alignment & Spiritual Strategy x the art of balancing being with doing is what creates the results you want. My methodology is based on a modern approach backed by ancient wisdoms of the universe. Learn how to unlock my secret methodology that changed the way my clients & I manifest!


Don't let your fears stop you anymore...

I get it, this might be your first investment into your wellbeing, maybe you're unsure if this program will work for you or perhaps you don't think you have the ability to manifest your dream lifestyle. I'm here to tell you, you are so capable of it all! Stop playing small because you're scared you'll fail, stop being afraid of living up to your expectations because you're scared of something going wrong, stop limiting yourself to fit a box. That ends here! Instead, book your free call to see if this program is right for you!

Book a FREE Discovery Call

How long is the program?

Master Your Energy is an in depth 8 week group coaching program


I am only taking a limited amount of women ready to say yes to their dream life style


This program has set Modules I have personally used & seen major results from. Master Your Energy is a unique program with 8 specific teachings & within each Module, you will set your own goals allowing you to work towards your desired results!


Yes, girl! Not only from myself but with your Chakra besties in a Private Facebook group to support each other on this journey! You can reach out to me via email with anything you want my specific guidance with. I am here for you!


First off, this is an investment of your time, energy & money so I really appreciate you being here. I show up for you & give you my all. Because I believe this magic should be affordable to everyone, I have made this investment a fraction of the cost of other programs in this space. It is ONLY $355 for 8 weeks of coaching!!


This is a one of a kind Program allowing you to work with multiple goals! We are not just working with one goal in mind but 7 goals for each of the 7 Chakras. This is a complete life style metamorphosis 


We work together for 8 weeks. Each week will require some time & energy but I promise this work is fun & rewarding!


There is homework. But don't worry this isn't your college professor's BS busy work type of hw. There's a workbook to fill out for each week + implementing the teachings. It is all essential for your growth but I know you'll really enjoy it!

Who is this Program for?

This program is for the modern day soul seeker ready to say YES to balancing her Chakras so she can create a life of alignment. For the spiritual babe excited to do the work to attract her dream life style. This is for the modern mystic wanting to deepen her relationship to her energies because she knows she is an energetic being. This program is for ambitious women ready to take a hold of her life style & the wellbeing she knows she deserves. The women ready to cultivate a life style by doing the work, digging deep & using energetic alignment x spiritual strategy to call in not just material items but inner peace & happiness, as well. This is the program your soul has been calling for.

It's time to rise

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your Transformational Journey.

It is such an honor to be able to work with you through your blocks & challenges to step into your potential. Being able to share teachings with you means everything! I can't wait to get to know you more & see what you're all about. I know you will do amazing things in life & to be a small part of it is so rewarding for me!  I'm here to inspire & empower you to see your own greatness & give you guidance along the way. I can't wait to see what this chapter has in store for you! 

Can't wait to meet you!

xx Lisa