The Modern Mystic Wellness Workbook

Think Mystic x Practical tools to increase more meaning in each day. Each chapter you will gain more insight on these transformational topics & how to apply them to your life! Don't wait any longer for your dream life. It's your time. 

Ever feel like you are just going through the motions but not really living a fulfilling life? This Mystic Workbook gives your Life more Meaning by taking you through Mystical tools & techniques from Mindset, The Oracle, Wheel of Life & more! This is the exact Workbook your soul is calling for. 

Modern Mystic Wellness Workbook


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We will discuss in detail the following topics: Routines, Rituals, The Oracle, Taking Responsibility of Your Life, The Wheel of Life, Setting Goals & Gratitude. A worksheet is given for each chapter so you can easily work it into you life! This 39 page Workbook is aesthetic & full of value. You will learn mystical & practical modalities to increase more meaning into your life, allowing you to manifest your dream life!

What's included?

This Workbook is a guidebook to help you call in more magic by diving into the topics provided. I provide you with the woo & the tangible because in order to create a massive shift, you have to do the inner work paired with practical action. In the Workbook, each chapter will explain the importance of the topic, how it can create more meaning into your day that allows for more magic, & a worksheet to dive deep & track your progress. The breakthroughs only happen when you put in the work!

How It Works

This is for anyone interested in transforming their life into magic. Perhaps you have been feeling called to make a shift, but you are unsure how- this is your sign. Anyone who is willing to learn & apply the lessons to their life would greatly benefit from this workbook. I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who has a desire for upleveling themselves, a craving for all things mystical & a yearning for effective tools.

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