This is a Japanese style of healing the mind, body & spirit. Clear out blockages & promote natural healing of the body. 

Reiki stands for "spiritually guided life force energy" & because it is an energy, it knows no bounds or limits, making a distance session just as effective as in person! Reiki vibrates at such a high frequency that it is able to dissolve blockages & enhance your vibrancy. I specifically conduct reiki sessions for clients interested in achieving big business goals & success in life. Energy healing ensures you're keeping clear channels for abundance. Each session is geared around your specific intention & desire. Combined with coaching, guided meditation & reiki healing- this is truly an elevating & one of a kind experience.

Distance Holy Fire Reiki

$60.00 USD

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This 45+ minute distance Reiki session will be held over Zoom. You will set your time & will be sent a zoom link through email. We will get acquainted & I'll ask you some questions. Depending on your goal, we may get into some coaching to further you forward with your goals. We will begin with a guided meditation & I will begin the Reiki. My sessions are a bit chattier than the typical session however they are just as healing, relaxing x effective.

What's included?

Select a time in the scheduling page, fill out the form & expect an email from me with the Zoom link! During the session, you may feel sensation of warmth, tingling, emotions may come up, goosebumps or you may feel no sensation at all. Each person is unique & experiences reiki differently, all experiences are normal! Just know reiki is used for the highest good & from a loving place. I, the practitioner act as a portal for the energy to come through. Using specific symbols used in Reiki, I will be a direct conduit for it to flow to you. This is a safe & incredibly healing experience. 

How it works

I work with high performing achievers, spiritual business owners & holistic leaders to assist them in healing & elevating their own energies & ultimately their business' to create a life of success & wellbeing. You are here to make an impact on the world with your business & investing in your energy is an essential part. Allow reiki energy to dissolve blockages, elevate your energy & attract your dream lifestyle so you can expand your light. 

Who's it for

Make sure to drink plenty of water to encourage the energy we worked with to flow easily around the body as well as help the stagnant energy to break up & release from the body. So drink up! Feel free to wash your hands with cold water to "seal" your energy in.