Step into this healing journey of Reiki. This is a transformative method to increase & harmonize balance through out the mind, body & soul. Clear blockages so you can feel your absolute best. 

This is a 3 week transformational journey to unblock & overcome blockages in the energetic body that could be manifesting into the physical body & your reality. We will work together to create balance & harmony in your spiritual & physical being. When the spirit & body are in balance, we are able to function as our highest selves. Reiki has been known to release stress & anxiety, promote ultimate relaxation & peace, assist in overcoming blocks in the body, helps us become more receptive in manifesting & so much more. It is so important & rewarding when we are balanced! If you feel called to take the next step, book now & we will begin at your convenience. If you need more information, let's book a call to see if this is right for you!

Reiki healing program + Coaching


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You will receive a total of 6 (45 minute) reiki healing sessions, 2 per week for 3 weeks. These will be live OR at your convenience, unpresent meaning you can run your errands while receiving reiki energy! You will also have my constant support through out this time via Voxer that includes Coaching support so you can reach out with any question you may have & so we can chat about your journey. Each session, I include notes of the details of the session so we can keep track of your progress. At the end of our time together, I will pull an Oracle card for further guidance on your journey. 

What's included?

Each week you will choose from the calendar a time to meet live via Zoom or Instagram Facetime OR because we will have contact through Voxer, you can arrange an "errand session" where you will not be present for the session but the session will still take place. I act as a portal for energy to come through & during this, I intuitively pick up on feelings, sensation & information through out the body & take notes for you so you can reflect on your experience. 

How It Works

This is for anyone interested in a life of balance & harmony within their mind, body & spirit. If you feel you are battling with some blocks in the energetic or physical body. Anyone wanting to combat stress & anxiety, promote relaxation & better sleep. For the modern day soul seeker wanting to assist in their transformation or healing. Reiki can truly benefit everyone!

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